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Thriving Through Pregnancy and Beyond – Virtual Group Program

Next Group begins Tuesday, August 11, 2020!

An 8-week practitioner-guided program designed to help YOU experience an empowered pregnancy and birth!  

With this program, you will: 

  • Ease into motherhood by tapping into your intuition
  • Learn the latest science on how to heal yourself with food, acupuncture and movement
  • Create a web of support from fellow mothers and experienced practitioners.  

Are you: 

  • Feeling anxious, overwhelmed or isolated by pregnancy COVID-19
  • Unsure about the choices you have to make for your new baby in COVID-19
  • Dissatisfied by standard medical interventions to your pregnancy symptoms (e.g., back pain, incontinence, heartburn, constipation, nausea)
  • Uncertain about how infant feeding will go

What if you could:

  • Be confident and empowered
  • Feel completely supported by expert practitioners
  • Stop second guessing yourself or wasting time searching Dr. Google or social media for answer
  • Understand how to exercise and move safely
  • Make easy recipes that nourish you and your baby
  • Use safe, effective and natural remedies for sleep, digestion, mood and pregnancy symptoms
  • Be ready to feed the baby instantly upon arrival

Your Women’s Health Practitioners and Program Leads: 

What You Get in this Program:

  • Community & Content via 8 virtual zoom meetings lead by 4 birth and healthcare professionals ($1200 value)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 5 movement and pelvic floor videos to prepare your body for protect your body during pregnancy and safe recovery ($150 value)
  • 5 qigong movement and/or meditation videos to settle your mind ($150 value)
  • One-week prenatal meal plan ($125 value)
  • Postpartum Recipe e-Book ($20 value)
  • Over 10 recorded videos with maternal health experts ($200 value)
  • 8 Weekly Lactation Preparation Tips ($100 value )
  • More than a dozen recorded videos with extra tips and support ($300 value)
  • Handouts with Acupressure points and tips from Chinese Medicine ($100 value)

YOU belong in this program if you are:

  • In your second or third trimester
  • Want to feel empowered in your pregnancy
  • Are ready to nurture your mother’s intuition
  • Want a community that you will not find during COVID-19
  • Are totally dedicated to having a healthy pregnancy and birth

This program is a $2345 value! Our price is only $397!!


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