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  • Immune Supports and COVID19
    13/04/2020 - Danielle Shea Tan 0 Comments
    Immune Supports and COVID19

    There are a lot of questions surrounding COVID-19 and many people are wondering what they can do to support their immune system. Well, I have some great news! What we put into our bodies plays a huge role in how our immune system is able to function. This helps keep us healthy & well physically, mentally, […]

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  • Magnesium: Because a kid has got to poop
    30/05/2014 - Danielle Shea Tan 0 Comments
    Magnesium: Because a kid has got to poop

    Doesn’t it just break your heart when your little one can’t poop? Of course, it does! That’s why we do whatever it takes to remove the short term pain so our kids can have bowel movements. You’re probably familiar with Mirilax, Milk of magnesia, castor oil or colace. These are the most common stool softeners […]

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  • Moms and heart disease
    24/02/2014 - Danielle Shea Tan 0 Comments
    Moms and heart disease

    February, it’s the month of loooovvee and America’s Heart Month – two good reasons to consider the health of your heart. Like most Americans, I’ve thought of heart disease as a man’s disease. I often worried my mom may get diabetes or cancer as she aged, but I never considered the possibility that she’d get […]

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